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Who We Are

Our Theology

The basis behind our design theology is a contemporary and fanciful approach to women’s wear. We believe in the personalization and quality of the product we are creating, and firmly oppose the overproduction and textile waste often created by large apparel corporations, therefore all production runs we execute are small and environmentally conscious. Styles are produced and manufactured both locally in downtown Los Angeles, as well as overseas. 

The Designer

Annie Firmi is an Italian American designer based in Los Angeles, who is dedicated to creating beautiful and sustainable clothing that incorporates both her Italian heritage and her American upbringing. Growing up in San Diego, she spent many summers in Southern Italy alongside the family, and eventually moved to Tuscany in her early 20's. The culture really shaped the way she saw both the world and fashion. She continues to design with a modest and "retro" viewpoint on how to dress and shape the woman's body through usage of vintage silhouettes, and fashion forward materialization, to design for the future. She believes in the tradition and history of both fashion, and our ancestors, and aims to bring a small piece of Italian beauty to the American storefronts.