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Article: Monthly Muse with Angie Menze

Monthly Muse with Angie Menze
angie menze

Monthly Muse with Angie Menze




You have been chosen to be this month's Muse Feature because we respect and love what you do, what you create, and what you stand for. We try to cover a variety of different women from different backgrounds, geographical locations, as well as mediums. Let's dig a little deeper into more about you, so we can share your magnificence with our small but devoted, little clan.

AF: Where do live? How long have you lived there, and why did you come here if it's not your hometown.

AM: I was born and raised in Las Vegas, I moved to Los Angeles at age 20. I moved back to LA about two years ago, and now I currently travel back and forth for work. 

AF: What is one of your favorite things to do in your city that is grossly underrated by others?  

AM: HIKING! The outskirts of Las Vegas and the desert scenery is super underrated overall. I enjoy finding the stillness in the desert- which you normally wouldn't associate such peace with Vegas.
AF: Do you consider yourself an artist, and if not how do you define yourself? 
AM: Absolutely I do. I am an artist. When I started modeling at 18 is when this changed, I did not grow up "artsy." But I have come to find it is the best way to express myself and authenticity through art- something I hid for so long.
AF: Did you try anything else before this one? If you said no to the last question, is there anything you see as artistic in the field you exist in now? Is it a weakness or strength of yours?
AM: My bridge to photography was when I was 18 and first began modeling, I modeled from ages 18-25. I began taking self portraits at the end of my modeling career which led me to portraits and shooting fashion. I also was dating someone who was a photographer, and he encouraged me to keep going and pursuing it. 
AF: A little more about us, we are an Italian American heritage brand, for us identity plays a huge role in the work we do and the art we create. Are you connected to your heritage in any way, and if not what does play a role in the way you exist in the world? 
AM: For me culture does not play a role in the way I self identify. Identity for me is more about feeling and emotion, therefore commuting with nature, taking a simple walk around the neighborhood, talking to plants/flowers. Self talk is also huge for me as a natural introvert, being present and mindful as possible. Striving to constantly remain curious and non judgmental. 


AF: Back to fashion! Have you always had an eye for it? When do you think you hit your style stride so to speak? 

AM: Again around age 23 when I began shooting fashion. I always wanted to be a fashion model, but felt I fit more into commercial modeling and it wasn't what I wanted. 
AF: We would love to hear what you are listening to right now, can you share a few songs with us? We will be creating a Spotify playlist once a month and would love to add your favorites on there! Any genre/area will do..
AM: I would say check out, To me- by Her. Also, Good & plenty- Alex Isley, Masego, Jack dine. 
AF: For those of you who don't know these images of Angie will be shot by Designer Annie Firmi on a small essential film camera, we will be shooting Angie in some of our recent releases. Angie can you tell us what you're wearing today for this interview? 
AM: I am wearing the Rococo blouse and Lolita hot pants, I wanted to wear something feminine and soft which encompasses the Serpenti vibe.
AF: Angie, where can readers find more of your work?!
AM: Check out
Recent Work by Angie Menze
AF: A lot of the design work we do has a fantasy like aspect to it, perhaps because I myself am an eternal dreamer. If you could run away to anywhere in the world right now, without any restraints, where would you go and why? What does this place make you feel, and does it inspire you into action of any sort?
AM: For me I have always wanted to go to Thailand to go meditate on the beach. I find a lot of my inspiration from self care and exploration. The second place would also be Tibet, i would love to meet Buddha himself before he dies. 
AF: Lastly, with Covid 19 on going, can you share with us a little bit about your experience and what the year + of time in quarantine has made you realize/change/grow/evolve? 
AM: It has inspired me and reoriented my focus, which was absolutely necessary for my growth and for my career. Having the time to reevaluate things gave me a new perspective. 
AF: What were some of your career goals at the start of this year for yourself, and did you achieve them?
AM: Yes! One of my goals is to become more published, and to date I think I have been published ten times in the last 12 months, by magazines such as Nude Mag and Dreamingless. 
Thank you so much for spending some time with us Angie. You are our forever muse, and we are so grateful to know women like you. 
Angie Menze
i: @angiemenze

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