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The Delphine Dress

$108.99 USD $145.00 USD

Oh, Delphine! Our newest designer favorite. The dress is made from a rich floral brocade heavy weight fabric in a midi length, with our signature puff sleeves, and corseted waist. The back of the dress allows you to tighten/loosen the waist as needed, and has two full layers in the skirt that create a puffed cupcake illusion to the silhouette. 


A Brief History of Brocade Fabric: "During the Renaissance in Italy, brocade became very popular, particularly with the upper classes and people of nobility. While many of the designs remained Chinese or Indian in style, however, Italian brocade embraced Renaissance values and was elegant and complex. The popularity of brocade then continued to grow throughout Europe, and it is still very popular today." excerpt from empire textiles

 -Puff Sleeves featuring double ruffle 

-Dress is made from a floral brocade fabric

-Self Adjustable center back 

-Boning & Paneling through front and back torso of dress

-Invisible Zipper in side-seam 

-Lace trim throughout garment

-Double Ruffle at sleeve cuffs

-Model wears size XS.

-Model is 5'7"


Designed in Los Angeles. 


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