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The Jolie Suit

$133.00 USD

The word "Jolie" means pretty thing in French, and that's exactly how you will feel in this little number. The unique thing about this corset is not only its construction, but mainly the COMFORT you will feel when wearing it. The bodysuit is constructed from a very soft cotton blend, similar to neoprene but not quite as stiff. The torso of bodysuit is closed by hook and eye as were traditional corsets back in the day, and there is also piping detail through the center front and back of garment to create a slimming waist line effect. This is the bodysuit you want to be wearing all day long, or traveling, as it just feels so good on. 

BODY LENGTH 21.7" 22.2" 22.8" 23.4" 24"
CHEST WIDTH 28.8" 30.4" 32" 33.4" 35.2"
WAIST WIDTH 22" 23.8" 25.2" 26.8" 28.4"
BOTTOM WIDTH 15.8" 16.6" 17.4" 18.2" 19"


-Model wears size S.

 -Model is 5'8"

-Hook and eye closure through center of bodysuit

-Knit bodice, with lots of stretch 

-Matching nude cotton lace at top line of corset 


Designed in Los Angeles. 

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